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The Faculty of Environment

University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem

The Faculty of Environment focuses on research and education in the wide department of ecology. The emphasis is on studying the basic elements of the environment and the possibilities and methods of preventing damage and environmental protection. In the study and research plan the principle of multidisciplinary and flexibility is followed together with the introduction of natural, technical, economical and humanistic subjects.

The faculty has two types of study programmes. 3 year Bachelor degree and a 2 year Master degree. Work opportunities for the students are very wide, from Governmental organisations, local and regional governmental bodies, inspection companies, research institutes to nature protection institutes, hygienic stations, environmental consulting agencies and education.

The main goal of the faculty is to educate specialist in the analytical and synthetical field of environmental protection. The graduates will be capable of high quality decision-making, discovering and identifying environmental risks and hazards, preparing analysis for the determining processes, activity co-ordination and will be specifically capable of dealing with environmental preservation.

Conceptually the faculty is orientated towards research in the North Bohemia region with its enormous effect to the environment and the health of its population together with other natural and economical fallout’s.

The High level of devastation to most of the environmental elements gives possibilities not only for practical education in forms of excursions, practicals, thesis’s and so on, but also a huge opportunity of active participation in the revitalisation programmes of the region (emissions, waste and water management, clean water supply). All this during and after graduation.

Even though the existence of the faculty is short, there have been elaborated by faculty teams analytical studies evaluating the interaction between industry and the environment, restructulisation and revitalisation of North Bohemia around the lignite coal basin, pedalogy and so on.

The faculty is participating on several grants provided by the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education and Agriculture. The faculty has several links with European universities (Zittau, Cottbus, Dresden, Osnabrück).

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